June 20, 2019

Tour Diary - June 20, 2019 

I am literally trying to remember what I did today and can’t. 

I mean, I remember eating breakfast and having the new Susskaroffel bread for toast (delicious) and I had a cup of tea. Then it was time to leave for the show apparently. 

Emily Davis and I are playing Harrier Hof in Brake. (pronounced kind of like bracket if you drop the et and then say the “e” like “ah”) I’ve played here a bunch of times over the years but I think this is the first time I’ve played there that wasn’t a weekend. As we’re driving there we hit a tremendous rain storm and I’m reminded that I don’t think I’ve ever played there when it wasn’t raining* and then the skies clear and it’s a beautiful evening. I mention this because it was so stormy just a few miles away that this nice weather - it’s like two rooms separated by a curtain and one room has sun and the other is rain but it’s so close together. 

I don’t know, I’m not making sense. It was rainy and then it wasn’t. End of weather report.** 

We’re having a great conversation about all kinds of things on the road and Emily tells a great story about her grandmother “helping” her daughters at a holiday meal by subtly sabotaging their dishes with extra salt or seasoning so that everyone would still think that no one could cook as good as her. It’s a great story that you’re bound to hear now at one of her shows (way better when she tells it) and of course it's funny to me because of the great cooks I am descended from. I don’t think my mother ever added salt or pepper to anything she was cooking and my grandmother once accused me of making the lasagna “too spicy” with a sprinkling of oregano. 

We get to Harrier Hof and see Swantje. And it’s been a year since I’ve been here but just seeing her and her remembering me is just so sweet. Michael comes over and says “You having the goulash again this year?” Well, I have to now! Their goulash is very good. Swantje says “You always have the goulash.” Usually it’s raining when I’m here and goulash seems like a great idea. 

We set up the PA and sort of angle it out from the back of where the restaurant opens up to the patio area. Depending on how many people are here it’s awkward for set up and I leave us enough slack so we can turn and aim it whatever way we like. 

Emily and I sit down to eat (she got some pork in gravy that was also delicious - yes, I had some) and then we’re joined by Sonja and then Rebekka and then Meike (who brought me tea, a mug and a tea infuser - thank you so much! ) We have a nice meet up before the show and it’s nice seeing everyone and catching up. 

I’ve brought The Fallen Stars “Leaves on the Wind Collection” cd for Rebekka and some things we got for her at WhedonCon because Rebekka did all the artwork for the entire Leaves on the Wind cd’s. I mean, she created the starfield out of little dots, and blending of colors to create the starry nebula cloud. I may have even convinced her to come to the United States next year to go to the Browncoat Waystation event. 

I’m playing first tonight and most everyone is inside the restaurant and I plug in my guitar and look around. “Should I just play unplugged?” I say, kind of to myself but someone else answers “Yes!” He is sitting at the table in front of me. So I unplug, look at the folks sitting outside and convince them to move inside with everyone else and just take it from there. 

I like making a lot of noise and using my pedals for effects and what-not but playing without any amplification or microphone or anything is still my favorite way to perform. My set is quite enjoyable as I look around and see folks singing along. I am still just gobsmacked when I experience it. German audiences are famously stoic and to have gotten past that is tremendous. I engage in some tomfoolery with another woman who showed up late and sat down outside and I tried to get to move inside but she wouldn’t budge. When I tried again she put her cigarettes down on the table saying “I can’t go smoke inside” so I went over, took her cigarettes and put them on a table inside. We all laughed. She waited until the song was over, got up, came inside and got her cigarettes and went back outside. 

It may not read as high comedy but it was quite fun and made for some nice laughs from everyone. 

Then there was...dammit...I’m blanking on his name. He has seen The Fallen Stars, Riddle & The Stars and me a bunch of times. He’s got all of our t-shirts and cds. Sometimes I see him wearing a Dropkick Murphy’s sweatshirt and sometimes I see him at Sonnendeck. Dammit!! Mind ain’t working. 

Man, I have a bunch more to write but I’m crashing now. 

Emily plays next and she has this song that has an amazing lyric about “you be the lighthouse and I will be the boat.” and I just get so sucked into it every time. And she has the whole room in the palm of her hand all night. It’s truly a joy to watch and experience. 

I just fell asleep typing. 

We played, it was great, we both got encores, I drank apfel schorler all night, more great conversation at the end and drive home listening to the Joe Pugg podcast "The Working Songwriter" where he interviews Kasey Chambers. 

Oh and before we started playing we walked up the street to see the river, came back and it started raining. 

Goodnight and thank you Brake. 

*Once. I’ve played there once when it wasn’t raining. 
**Or is it?

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