August 27, 2016

So, yeah. 

I was supposed to be doing other things this week, like packing and rehearsing for my tour, well I did a bit of that but someone said to me "Hey Bobbo, how come you didn't put 'Massachusetts' on your solo album?"  

And I was dumbfounded.  

I meant to.  

But it's too late.

Or is it?

On Tuesday night Brandon was in the studio and I asked him if he wound't mind putting some drums down on a couple of songs, I told him I want it loose, don't even use sticks - use those multi-rod things.  How loose?  We used the old Glyn Johns drum mic'ing technique of 3 microphones on the drumkit.  

It sounded good.  

Let's keep things moving - no more than 2 takes of anything.  Do something, be done with it.  2 vocal takes, pick the best parts, 2 takes on guitar, 1 take on harmonica...
I used 1 acoustic guitar, 1 electric guitar, 1 amp.  Didn't overthink anything, kept it simple.

It's fun, it's loose, and it's free.  It's the companion piece to "Motel Americana", I'm calling it "The Brunch EP".  Sticking with the whole "diner" theme or something.    It's to the right there in the store if you're looking for it.

Ok, well - it's supposed to be free.  I couldn't figure out how to make it free!  So it's $0.02.  If you want it free, drop me an email HERE and I'll send you a free download.



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