April 20, 2018

As usual - lots going on! 

Tracy and I spent tonight at the Akademia Awards Gala in Pasadena (I was nominated for 'Americana Artist of the Year' but didn't win) and had a great time dancing and meeting folks from all over. As Ray Wylie Hubbard says "The days I keep my gratitude higher than my expectations - I have good days". 

We've been working hard on our Firefly inspired music "Leaves on the Wind Music Project" and disc number 3 is very close to being done. We're hoping to have it done within the next month because we've been asked to perform at as well as run a panel at Whedon-Con in Los Angeles on May 18-20.  No pressure. Over the past few days I did a few overdubs on the songs and the Firefly songs continue to surprise me. There's one song that is really folky and has acoustic guitar in DADGAD tuning which I have never used before and has accordion with it, there's another one that is a straight up, nearly punk song that our buddy Brian Matteson* put some great drums on. Another song feels like an alt.rock pop song and one other one has spacey 12 string Rickenbacker on it and I don't know what genre it is. Each song goes it's own direction and we just let them be what they want to be. 

"Two Sides To This Town" has already gotten a great review here on it and I made a video for the song "Angelia" yesterday and just been prepping for my upcoming summer tour in Europe. I just found out that I will be working with some Syrian and Turkish refugee children in Bremen for about 4 days this summer so I am scared, anxious and excited about that. 


I almost forgot - it's a week away but Saturday, April 28 will be the local release show for "Two Sides To This Town" at Tony's Deli in Anaheim.** 

A few years back we were playing in Germany and the amp I was using fell apart, I called ZT Amps and they sent me an amp the next day. ZT Amplifiers have made me one of their artist endorsees and I will be featured on their website in the next week or two. I don't endorse things willy nilly. I've had a ZT Amps lunchbox amp for years now - it's my European amp as I leave it there for when I'm touring. Super portable, super powerful and sound great. Hell we even used it as a bass amp one time! Thanks ZT! 

We technically only have a 3 shows left before I head to Europe on tour so it'd be awesome to see you before I go. 

Saturday, April 21 
Bogart's Coffee 
Seal Beach, CA 

Tuesday, April 24 
Not technically a show - I'm playing one song at Huntington Beach's: 
Surf City's Got Talent 
If you're in HB that night - yell some shit at me. 

Thursday, April 26 
Long Beach 
7:30 pm 
Opening for a British Invasion Tribute band that has some British Invasion band members in it.  So this should be interesting! 

Saturday, April 28 
Tony's Original Deli 
Anaheim, CA 

Saturday, May 5 
Private House Concert 
Irvine, CA 
w/ Doug Schmude, Matt & Geo 
Email me for info if you would like to come to this show. 

And lastly I would like to send a big thank you to all the folks that have been buying my new cd as well as buying up all the t-shirts I made! Thank you so much!! As one old friend said to me "I never thought I'd be wearing a shirt with your name on it across my boobs." And it never occurred to me that that would happen either but I'm definitely not discouraging it! 

I'm sure I have more to say but this email is already waaaaayyy tooooo long.  Thanks for reading this far! 

over and out and thanks for hanging with us. 

Bobbo, Tracy & Matt 

*Devotees will remember that Brian was our drummer a bunch of years ago until he moved back to Wisconsin. We've always stayed close and he was on the first Leaves on the Wind cd and now he's on the third one as well! 
**My mom will be in town that week as well - so if you come, you better watch your language - this ain't no hockey game!

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