November 15, 2020

Hey all!  

I've got a new page started for my "release a new song every 15th of the month" thing. I started with MTA and we'll see where it goes from there. If I release an album next year…


September 29, 2020

Being creative and putting things out into the world is risky business. On the one hand you can connect with people, get reviews and nice things said about you that truly can sustain you through long periods of nothing. They…


Queen of the Party video is live!

My song about the amazing female singer/songwriter/musicians that I know. I'm inspired by all of you! 

Written by Bobbo Byrnes & Morgan Keating

Directed by Tawny Ellis

Bobbo - guitar, mandolin and vocals
Tracy Byrnes -…


July 12, 2020

The long awaited video premier of "Queen of the Party" is happening Sunday, July 12 at 11 am.

Here's the link - you can either watch it premier live or leisurely at a later date in time. 



July 7, 2020

Hey Everybody, 

So this is the week - SeaGreenNumber5 is almost out. Well, it will be sent digitally to all the crowdfunding folks on Friday and the cds will be mailed out the end of next week.  



July 6, 2020

I haven't updated the blog in a bit. Sorry, was busy making a new album. 

I'm actually busy promoting it right now - there's a few new reviews over here

Got to run, talk to you tomorrow.


Bobbo & David Lindley at the Coach House

I'm pretty excited to be opening for the legendary David Lindley at The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano on Friday, Jan 10, 2020. 

This should be a fun night and I hear David always puts on an interesting…


Unsung Radio Heroes

In all my postings about radio play I neglected to mention the stations that have been supporting me and playing me for years now. 

People like John Ford at AM Radio, KX 93.5. His AM or Americana Music program…


Back in California

I didn't do a great job of keeping my online Tour Diary on the website. Sorry. While traveling, wifi wasn't always great and you know - sleep is important. 

Anyhoo - I'm back home in California and updating stuff…


July 15, 2019

Tour Diary - July 15, 2019 

I had a good day. 

Tracy found me a new Airbnb in Berlin and it’s proper Berlin - old building that was most likely housing during the cold war with four flights…


July 7, 2019

Tour Diary - July 7, 2019 PART ONE 

Lord willing and the creek don’t rise. 

I say this a number of times today and no one here gets it. I mean, there’s not much to get but the…