New Drummer & 400 Hits in two days!

That's right!  We're very happy to announce Chad Smith as our new drummer.  Now I know a few of you out there are going to say "Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chili Peppers?!?"  

Um, no.  It's a different…

Tracy's Tour Blog & SoCal happenings


So yeah.  We're still a bit jetlagged from our 25 hours traveling from Berlin to Frankfurt, Frankfurt to Boston, Boston to Los Angeles...  It was a day with trains, buses and planes.  It's good to sleep in our…

Europe Tour, new Firefly song, back in the OC in August

From: "the fallen stars (bobbo)" 
Hey Folks,
So I'm writing you from our flat in Berlin, turns out where we are staying is in the former GDR, or East Berlin. If this was 1989 we'd be behind the…

Guitar Geek Type Posting:

A number of years ago I met Greg Bennett of Franklin Straps while coming out of a Sam Ash music store. I had just purchased one of his cotton cinch straps for my acoustic. We exchanged pleasantries and he told…