Tuesday Feb 9, 2015

So what's new?

Well, we had planned a little time off from shows but some good stuff came up and we really miss playing!  

Oh yeah!  Our second Firefly CD "Leaves On The Wind Vol 2; No power in the 'verse can stop me"* is done!  We'll be getting cds of it real soon, just have to finish up the artwork.  So excited to share it.  We're also excited that we are going to be doing the Sending a Wave podcast.  They are based in the UK and have been really supportive of us. We've also become a global sponsor for the Can't Stop The Serenity which is a charity that benefits "Equality Now" and half of all our profits from our Leaves On The Wind music project is donated to them.  

How about some rockandroll shows?

Well, there's a couple of things going on. 

First I'm playing an elementary school in Buena Park today at lunch time.  I'm told it's 5th and 6th graders and some teachers.  Honestly I'm a little nervous about this.  

Then Sunday, Feb 15th we have two shows. 

We start the day at Matt Denny's Alehouse for the Greater LA Acoustic Rockin' Americana Musicians Fund Charity Concert.  It's an event put on by our friend Peggy in conjunction with Sweet Relief.  It's a truly great charity and cause where they help musicians with health issues.  We are on first at 3 pm and just playing a short set because...

Then we drive to San Juan Capistrano and play

The Coach House
7 pm - all ages
Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano, CA

This is going to be a fun show.  We're playing with our friends the Gunboat Kings.  

We are selling tickets to this show - if you buy tickets at the door they are $15 but on our website they are $7.  Buy them from us and they will be waiting for you at Will Call with your name on them.   We put together a really fun set for this show that pulls songs from 6 of our 7 cds and a new song that will be on our next one.**

And since this week is Valentine's Day - the free song is of course - VALENTINE'S DAY!  See how we did that?  We're going to have to write some songs about Presidents Day and Labor Day and Mother's Day...

To buy tickets to the Coach House show click anywhere on this sentence.  

Hockey Jersey update:  we're just talking with the folks who make them trying to match colors so they look great.  Should be getting them soon!  Thanks for your patience!  In the meantime - if you still want to order one, you can until Wednesday.  

Alrighty!  That's it for now.  As always, thanks for hanging out with us and see you soon!

Bobbo, Tracy, Brandon (and sometimes Matt)
​The Fallen Stars

*it really is a long title.
**holy crap that's a lot of cds!

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