January 19, 2018

Lots of stuff going on beyond just our shows. 

Friday night we'll be at a new place for us in Seal Beach and looking forward to that and next week I have a solo show at the Coach House opening for David Wilcox but the big news for us this week is that Tracy got laid off from her job of over 20 years. So if you felt like buying a cd or a download - now is a good time.* We're not going to play the sympathy card too much but if you know of a company that could use a Senior Learning and Performance Specialist** - please let us know. 

And in other news we have updated some stuff on our website to include Matt Froehlich as our regular drummer now.*** We decided to do a fun questionnaire thing on our Band page. 

I have also started a new video series called "Singin' & Strummin'" on my Guitar Geek Warning website. Episode One is here

Friday, Jan 19 
Bogart's Coffee 
Ocean Ave, Seal Beach 

Thursday, Jan 25 
The Coach House 
w/ David Wilcox 
(tickets available here

That's all the news for today.  As always, thanks for hanging out with us and see you soon, 

Bobbo, Tracy & Matt 
The Fallen Stars 

*All of our music is not just for sale on our website but it's also "on sale", like blue light special - go dig it here. 
**It's one of those titles that you're like "I know what all those words mean but when you put them together..."  In Tracy's words:  "I create and deliver live and online training to teach people the skills that they need to be successful in their job. My role mainly focused on skills like leadership, communication, time management, team building and conflict resolution." 
***No we didn't fire Brandon. He's still a Fallen Star but he's been pretty busy lately - he will still do shows with us when his schedule allows.

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