Happy New Year! January 3rd show and a Motorhead cover.

It's been super mellow here in TFS land.  We took some time off for the holidays and re-charging some batteries.   

Hope you had a great Holiday Season, hell, we went to bed before midnight on NYE!!  It's been that mellow.   

But we've been gearing up for a bunch of stuff in 2016.  More on that later.* 

We have a show this weekend at the Gaslamp in Long Beach.  It's a little strange for us as it's being billed as a Line Dancer Country Music Festival.  I asked multiple times if they knew what we sounded like and they assured me they did.  The headliner for this show is Jamie O'Neal who is straight up country.  We have our snappy shirts out so this should be fun.   

It's a pricey show but we got a few comp tickets we can leave at will call if you want.  (just email me back) 

Sunday, January 3rd 
The Gaslamp 
Pacific Coast Highway, Long Beach, CA 
Super Early Showtime of 5 pm!! 
event page here 

I also did a quick video yesterday from our studio in honor of Lemmy from Motörhead.  You can watch it here

That's all for now.  Seriously, this is currently the only show booked right now!** 

Happy Happy Joy Joy! 

See you soon. 

Bobbo, Tracy & Brandon 
The Fallen Stars 

*Do you know anyone that shoots music videos?  If so - message me! 
**Well, not exactly true...we have a couple booked in Europe but that's a few months out still.

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