Guitar Contest Update!

We're really excited about all the interest in folks participating in our "Massachusetts" song/win a guitar contest!

And today - I talked to the good folks over at Franklin Guitar Straps and they are providing us with the straps for the winning guitars!

I know what you're thinking - "guitar straps?  I'll just go buy a cheap strap at GC!"  You of course can do this but I'm going to tell you that there really is a difference.  Yes, we do have a working relationship with Franklin but it's a relationship that grew out of us using the straps and loving them that turned it into something more.  We could use ANY strap we want.  We'd just have to go buy it.  But I met Greg Bennett (owner of Franklin Straps) one day after walking out of the local Sam Ash music store.  I had just bought my second Franklin Strap, he said "Do you like those straps?  I make them."  And we started a conversation right there.  

Since that day - I have their Black Cotton Cinch straps on my acoustic guitars.  They are made out of the cotton cinch material used on horse saddles.  Soft and strong. We've also got a bunch of their 2" cotton straps, vintage style straps and Tracy uses the Suede with the leather tooled end.   

These are the most comfortable, durable and subdued stylish straps we've found.  Added bonus ~ they are made in the USA too.  


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