February 24, 2016


So what's happening here?  Well we have 1 show this weekend, we just got the new Riddle & The Stars album mastered, Tracy finished a new video for our Firefly music project and...  I think that's it for this week. 

Saturday, Feb 27 
Beach Hut Deli 
Beach Blvd, Huntington Beach, CA 
7-10 pm  Free 
w/ Tall as Men 

I made a fun flyer that is totally metal.* 

New Riddle & The Stars??  Yes.  We did a limited run of cds for our tour last year and sold out of them.  We regrouped and added two new songs to it and just got it back from getting mastered.  So the cd that's for sale on our website will be updated with the new mixes.  If you already purchased this cd and would like the two new songs - let me know and I will send them to you.  We will be doing a presale of this cd very soon as well as a songbook/chordbook for all our songs and maybe even a contest. 

What else?  Well Tracy did the Firefly video for our song "Apples & Knives"  It's way cool and very dark.  I dig it.  If you want to see it -it's here.  The song is for the 10th song in our "Leaves on the Wind Music Project" and goes with the Firefly episode 10 "War Stories".  We've just started working on songs for the final cd in the series and will probably play our new song "Naked" at our show on Saturday. 

I think that's all for today. 

Thanks for hanging and hope to see you this weekend.  If you're up for something next week - we're at The Cinema Bar in Culver City on Wednesday, March 2 with Alice Wallace and Echo Sparks and Thursday, March 3 at Alta Coffee in Newport Beach with Michael Ubaldini and Kern Richards. 


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