Europe Tour, new Firefly song, back in the OC in August

From: "the fallen stars (bobbo)" 

Hey Folks,
So I'm writing you from our flat in Berlin, turns out where we are staying is in the former GDR, or East Berlin. If this was 1989 we'd be behind the Berlin Wall!!
We've been walking around an seeing the sites = pics and storyline are on our facebook pages and we're trying to get them to sync on our website. links below. This city is a lot like us, breakfast places open at 10 am and everyone goes out starting around 11 pm. Culture shock? Nope. Feels normal!!
If you have any friends or family in Germany, Netherlands or Belgium - please send them our way. Our tour schedule is on our website - we're going to be all over. We have something like 26 shows in 24 days. We are so excited for this.
We also finished another Firefly song. We had hoped to have Firefly EP #1 done before we left but it didn't happen. It's going to have to wait until August when we get back. If we can figure out how to post it from here we will.
Speaking of August:
Friday, Aug 23
PCH, Long Beach, CA
Saturday, Aug 24 & Aug 29
Versai Wine Bar
Yorba Linda, CA
Please check in with us on Facebook as we will be posting all kinds of fun stuff on there from the old world.
Bobbo facebook:
Tracy Tumblr
Fallen Stars Facebook
Fallen Stars Tumblr
Fallen Stars instagram
Ok, goodnight all!
Talk to you soon.
Bobbo & Tracy
The Fallen Stars
*we fly out in 5 hours and I really have to get to bed!
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