Dec 28, 2017


It's been a helluva year. I guess that can be said most years but this year had more upheaval and change for us than usual. I'm still not done processing it all - Lots of good stuff and some that was less than good, I guess that's a subject for a new album. We'll get there.  It was nice having my solo album named in the top 15 albums of the year by NBT Radio in Germany - I like being on best of lists. 

Hope this holiday season has been fun filled for you as well. We have one last show before we say adieu to 2017 and it's the night before New Year's Eve - ideal so we can rock and roll and roll and then stay home on NYE!  Saturday night we're doing a long set at a new place - The Baja Beach Cafe in Newport Beach. It's a nice place, decent stage, late night happy hour and should be lots of fun. Our first set is at 9 pm and it's free to get in. 

Saturday, Dec 30 
Baja Beach Cafe 
2332 W. PCH, Newport Beach, CA 

Facebook Event Page Here

Matt Froehlich will be on the drums with us and with this being a longer set - we're really going to stretch out and open it up to folks that might want to request some of our songs that we haven't played in a while. If you can get your request in - we'll play it! 

In a techy-geek type note - we'll be bringing our fancy new PA system which I think is some of the best sound we've had in a long time. Which always makes things better. Said one TFS fan about our new system: "I've never heard you sound so good."* 

We played at the Doll Hut last week and did some video of the show - if you'd like to hear a song from that - check out this link HERE. 

That's all for now, got lots happening in the New Year including touring in the U.K, Ireland, Germany, Austria AND Australia! 


Bobbo, Tracy and Matt 
The Fallen Stars

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