April 20, 2018

As usual - lots going on!

Tracy and I spent tonight at the Akademia Awards Gala in Pasadena (I was nominated for 'Americana Artist of the Year' - didn't win) and had a great time dancing and meeting folks from all over. As Ray Wylie Hubbard says "The days I keep my gratitude higher than my expectations - I have good days".  

We've been working hard on our Firefly inspired music "Leaves on the Wind Music Project" and disc number 3 is very close to being done. We're hoping to have it done within the next month because we've been asked to perform at as well as run a panel at Whedon-Con in Los Angeles on May 18-20.  No pressure.

Tracy got a new job at Edwards Lifescienes in Irvine and is loving it. Everything I know about the company is obviously second hand from what she tells me but it really does sound like an amazing place to work and I'm just so happy for her to find something like this that will challenge her and allow her to grow in her field. It's exciting for me to see her being so excited by the new challenges, great co-workers and new learning she has in her career.

Me? I just released a new album "Two Sides To This Town" and I've already gotten a great review here on it and I made a video for the song "Angelia" yesterday and just been prepping for my upcoming summer tour in Europe. 

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