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The Fallen Stars are an Americana Rock band from Southern California that believes a good story can break your heart and a driving guitar riff can put it back together again, all in the space of a three minute song.

"Listen to the Fallen Stars' Americana, and you hear a great, rollicking band. But see them live, and it's the difference between Elvis in the studio and early 1970s Elvis, when he was starting shows with "Also Sprach Zarathustra," then owning crowds with just a sneer of the lip. Don't believe us? Catch them live and find out for yourself."
~OC Weekly Best Live Band 2015

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Best Live Band
OC Weekly Best Of 2015

Best Country/Americana Band
LA Music Critic Awards

Best Country/Americana Band
Best Live Acoustic Band
Orange County Music Awards Winner

Best Live Rock Band
Best Live Acoustic Band
SoCal Live Music Competition

Best USA
Toronto Independent Music Awards Nominee

Best Rock
Southern Australian Music Awards Nominee

"Top Ten Indie/Unsigned Release of the Year"
~Los Angeles Music Examiner

"Top Prospect of the Year"
~Music Connection Magazine

Other Stuff

Beyond all the rocking and rolling we try to give back and use the power of rock for good and change in this world. To that end we have partnered with a few charities that are doing amazing work all over the world. If you happen to find yourself looking for a place to donate to - please think of them.

Quilts for Empowerment

I have to admit that I didn't even know what obstetric fistula was before my aunt Mary Ann explained what a debilitating condition it was in developing nations. QFE is a non-profit that my aunt started up that helps women in Kenya with obstetric fistula. Teaches the women life skills and quilting - and they sell the quilts on their site. We have become a partner with Quilts through our benefit concert in Portland, OR and are just in awe of the work that they do.  Visit their website and you too could own a quilt made by women in Kenya.

Equality Now

We got involved with Equality Now through our Leaves on the Wind Music Project which is music inspired by the tv show Firefly. That show was written by Joss Whedon and they have screenings of the movie Serenity and raise money for EN, we have become a global sponsor of this great charity whose mission is to "achieve legal and systemic change that addresses violence and discrimination against women and girls around the world.

Harbor Homes

Bob & Hilary Keating are friends of mine in southern New Hampshire and they have been working with Harbor Homes for decades now to end homelessness in southern New Hampshire. How they maintain the stamina for this work is amazing to me but persevere.  There are currently NO homeless veterans in southern New Hampshire. We organize an annual concert in Milford, NH to support Harbor Homes. Our next event is Oct 13, 2018. 

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Bobbo's new solo album
Two Sides To This Town is out now!

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Europe Tour, new Firefly song, back in the OC in August 

From: "the fallen stars (bobbo)" 
Reply-to: thefallenstars@thefallenstars.com
Hey Folks,
So I'm writing you from our flat in Berlin, turns out where we are staying is in the former GDR, or East Berlin. If this was 1989 we'd be behind the Berlin Wall!!
We've been walking around an seeing the sites = pics and storyline are on our facebook pages and we're trying to get them to sync on our website. links below. This city is a lot like us, breakfast places open at 10 am and everyone goes…

Guitar Geek Type Posting: 

A number of years ago I met Greg Bennett of Franklin Straps while coming out of a Sam Ash music store. I had just purchased one of his cotton cinch straps for my acoustic. We exchanged pleasantries and he told me how the strap was made of the same material they use to hold saddles on horses. I really loved the strap so I bought 2 more for my other acoustic guitars.

A few months back, I found an inexpensive strap also made by Franklin and thought it was pretty cool so I bought a few of them. They all broke…Read more

New Firefly songs, last 2 SoCal shows before European tour and fun stuffs! 


I wanted to send this email sooner but the Bruins were engaged in an epic triple overtime game with the Blackhawks that didn't end as it should have.*

So we have a new Firefly song up for sharing. We think it's pretty bad ass. (For Firefly Song Info Click Here) The new song is called "Nothing" and it’s inspired by the episode “Bushwhacked.” Enjoy! I had a friend tell me that it sounded like Tom Petty in space. That's pretty cool. We had some great help on drums by Brian Matteson and Matt Froehlich…Read more

Welcome Browncoats!

Are you a fan of Firefly? Then you'll love our new music project, Leaves on the Wind! Our goal is to write a brand new original song based on each episode of the tv series Firefly, plus the feature film Serenity. Fifteen songs in all - just right for a trilogy of EPs! Keep an eye on our Browncoats page to follow our progress!

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